What is High Vibrations Academy?

High Vibrations Academy is a space for growing in higher consciousness. Although the academy can have physical locations, it is not a physical location. The academy is more a vibration of knowing. This vibration serves as a carrier wave for experiencing high states of consciousness, and creates an ambiance for a school of spiritual philosophy and universal knowledge in which we may eventually come to understand everything we want to know and even knowings we may not even have a glimmer about. The purpose of invoking knowledge in this way is to provide ourselves with an aesthetic understanding that may help improve our lives, and facilitate the evolution of our consciousness. Academy participants are encouraged to form their own vision of their higher evolution and orient themselves in that direction. This is a challenging but rewarding activity.

We feel that the academy is rooted in an ancient primordial essence of knowing as well as in our optimal visions of the future. Primordial knowing bears on who we are, and our future visions are shaping who we are becoming. Ideally the academy is an aspect of a timeless essence of who we optimally and ultimately are.

The academy embraces a vibration of knowing in service of our creative evolution (innovation). The nature of this vibration is knowledge serving life and love. Words are lacking in conveying the richness of this vibration which is best known by directly tuning it in. Although it is a spiritual vibration, it is not religious. It is not about believing in any particular set of beliefs. It is about knowing, life, creativity, and enjoyment — to transcendental octaves of ecstastic being! It guides the outlook and activity of the spiritually awakened. To tune in, open to a vibration that feels uplifting, exhilarating, creative, open, spacious, high, kind, nurturing, wise, pleasurable, immediate, and comforting.

In a more concrete sense, the academy is a school for higher consciousness, open to all who are interested in new visions of life for themselves and humanity in general. The academy does not advocate any particular philosophical viewpoint, but rather aims to be a nexus for the open-minded study of the multitude of viewpoints in all fields embraced by humanity. Participants share their knowledge, expertise, and findings resulting from independent studies. Everyone is concurrently a student and a teacher.

In keeping with the progressive and humanitarian spirit of the school, participants are encouraged to reference the High Vibrations Horizons as a baseline for creating the learning ambiance.

The High Vibrations Horizons

The High Vibrations Horizons consist of the following resolutions:

  1. To be aligned with Light and Love. To call on one's best discernment to be so aligned.

  2. To design one's life so that it be fun and personally rewarding.

  3. To focus on what one has in common rather than on one's differences when participating with others.

  4. To support all truth seekers as comrades on the various paths of truth.

  5. To facilitate one's personal conscious evolution and that of humanity in general, as the purpose of High Vibration activities is to increase people's aliveness, personal growth, and amplitude of understanding.

  6. To live in harmony with the earth's ecosystem.

  7. To view others, the world in general, as well as to mediate and reconcile conflict, from the vantage point of the heart.

  8. To realize that diversity can co-exist in harmony. To respect the personal truths of others while knowing that one has the right to one's own truths. To foster freedom of thought and creativity.

  9. To advocate kindness to animals. To view the slaughter of animals as unnecessary, except in situations where one's survival depends on it.

  10. To recognize that one has unenumerated Unalienable Rights, among which are the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and that one is free to do as one wishes so long as one's actions do not infringe on the Rights of others.

  11. To have a positive view of sexuality. To recognize that consenting individuals have the right to freedom of sexual expression as they define it.

  12. To seek more to create a harmonious, abundant world rich in aesthetics through which it is beautified, and knowing through which it is enlightened, rather than attempt to save the world of perceived shortcomings. To create a world of beauty, enlightenment, altruism, and freedom.

If you'd like to check us out, you can connect by attending a Knowledge Circle, or corresponding with us by email. We hope there's something of value for you here. In any case we appreciate your comments.

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