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Knowledge Circles are open forums for sharing knowledge, experience, and perception in a context of sacred space. What makes a sacred space? The answer to this question is answered by asking another question: What is at the center of the circle?

At the center of the circle is the sacred. To allow the broadest and most personal representation of this, it is best for each participant to symbolize the sacred center by whatever form evokes hir reverence and inspiration. If particpants are truly aware of the sacred center, then every process, activity, and orientation of the community or circle that forms around the sacred center will be an expression of the sacred. This is how the sacred can be brought into are communities and everyday lives.

In context of such sacred space, the circle can also serve as a knowledge exchange. Each one of us has knowledge acquired through study, experience,and/or intuition that others would be interested in, and vice versa. At this time there is much knowledge free-floating in our environment. We live in an information age. Inspite of the abundance of knowledge all around us, as individuals we can only access so much. However, by connecting with a knowledge exchange, such as a Knowledge Circle, we can increase our knowledge manifold (or at least know where to find it!) and be closer to the latest developments appearing on the horizon of human awareness. Knowledge Circles are an opportunity to increase your knowledge on a wide spectrum of subjects bearing on the vision, whose momentum increases daily, of the new civilization of love and light coming onto the planet. Any subjects in the areas of consciousness, sovereignty, health, sexuality, money, science, art, or cultural renewal can be explored in Knowledge Circles, as for example:

  • Techniques for activating our various forms of intelligence
  • Psychology of interpersonal relationships
  • The nature of our Rights & their protection
  • Metaphysical systems of past & present
  • New science & suppressed or underground technology
  • Aquarian Age Communities
  • Sexual awareness
  • Mind machines
  • Creative computer applications
  • Developing psychic ability
  • Geographical power stops
  • The Kabalah
  • Nutritional discoveries
  • Permaculture
  • ET intelligence & contacts
  • Mathematics of consciousness
  • Mind-expanding psychoactive substances
  • Ascenscion
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Mayan Time
  • Astrological insights
  • Goddess Consciousness
  • New dimensions in visual musical arts
  • Alternative forms of healing
  • Alternatives to the 9-5 workstyle
  • Dream reality
  • Hedonic engineering
  • Social engineering

. . . to list a few, as well as subjects not usually associates with "spiritual", "New Age", or "consciousness" themes, but of significant interest and value, can also be presented at Knowledge Circles.

Knowledge Circles are for all who enjoy learning and being at the cultural leading edge of the Aquarian Age. Many of these circles may evolve into the new spiritual communities of the future. Link-up now!

If you would like to attend a Knowledge Circle or form one in
your part of the world, please read the following article:

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"Part of the evolution of consciousness involves
uniting one consciousness with another —
not keeping yourselves separated...."

— The Pleiadians

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