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An Approach to Enlightenment
This here-now direct approach to Enlightenment is transmitted through the Ultimate Horizon Insights consultation-initiation which makes Enlightenment unavoidable — if you're ready! UHI is a unique one-on-one intensive which efficiently communicates key insights that facilitate Transcendental Enlightenment understood as recognition of one's Transcendental Nature. It's about noticing an obvious yet profound secret about ourselves. General consensus is that it takes a long time. But can this occur quickly?
Conscious Neworking (Release 1.11)
Thoughts on linking up and participating in a living Network of Light. How many focused minds does it take to effect change in our social environment?
Gnani Yoga by Yogi Ramacharaka
An enlightening book giving an overview of the yogic philosophy of existence. Provides good background information for students of yoga, higher consciousness, or conscious evolution.
High Vibrations Academy Book List
Here's an incomplete(!) background reading list (02/15/98) for studies at High Vibrations Academy. (6,649 bytes)
How To Start a Knowledge Circle (Release 1.05)
High Vibration Academy guidelines for starting an Aquarian Age sacred circle in your part of the world. By means of a Knowledge Circle you may link-up with others who give a high priority to their spiritual growth and to tuning in a more desirable civilization. Know others face-to-face in person rather than just in cyberspace. Knowledge Circles may in the course of the Aquarian Age mature into true higher consciousness communities. In the meantime Knowledge Circles provide an opportunity to increase your awareness, knowledge base, and connect with others having similar purposes. (24,984 bytes)
Love enlightenment in relationships
Key excerpt from Ken Keyes, Jr.'s A Conscious Person's Guide to Relationships reveals the four states of involvement vs. psychological addiction in relationships. These are "varying degrees of heaven or hell in a relationship" that you will be able to identify and create. Insightful, practical information. (8,608 bytes)
Major Constructs of Phenomenological Psychology
A brief glossary of some key constructs of phenomenological psychology. (2,982 bytes)
The Nine Insights
Summary of the Nine Insights found in the best seller The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield from the article The Celestine Prophet, by Alan Atkisson, New Age Journal, p. 65, August 1994. (4,631 bytes)
Symbol of Ontological Simultaneity
A scan of an SS Brijbasi & Sons print depicting the classical scene of Krishna and Arjuna riding the chariot, which is a symbol for Ontological Simultaneity.
OM Aphorisms, Release 1.32
A "modern upanishad" of 59 stanzas encapsulating key insights for rendering obvious the transcendental non-dual nature of our fundamental being, the "open secret" of the ages. Read this as first step before taking the Ultimate Horizon Insights consultation. (29,648 bytes)
Perspective on LSD
An insightful perspective on LSD by Thaddeaus Golas, author of the best seller The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment. How might LSD contribute to your selfhood? Are restrictive bureaucratic policies destining us to be a society of "have-nots" of the mind? (9,141 bytes)

The Pleiadians
The Pleiadian Conversations series has activated many toward higher consciousness.

# 1: Awakening -- The Pleiadians (20,626 bytes)
# 2: Conversation With The Pleiadians (18,573 bytes)
# 3: Conversation With The Pleiadians (21,727 bytes)
# 4: What Is Going On? (19,707 bytes)
# 5: Search For Yourselves (19,003 bytes)
# 6: The Language of Light Geometry (20,083 bytes)
# 7: Breaking Patterns: The Flight To Freedom (18,893 bytes)
# 8: The Only Lesson There Is (20,060 bytes)
# 9: The Mind Game & Patterns (21,397 bytes)
#10: Codings (23,327 bytes)
#11: Immortality Of Being and Contact (19,593 bytes)
#12: Fullness, Ripeness & Sweetness of Your Days (17,180 bytes)
#13: Saga of the Family of Light -- Part I (20,724 bytes)
#14: Saga of the Family of Light -- Part II (32,274 bytes)
#15: In Search of the Exalted Self (32,932 bytes)
#16: Gods Trapped in Illusion (29,904 bytes)
#17: Whose Plan Is It Anyway? (36,677 bytes)
The Secret to Creating Your Future
Here is a recipe consisting of "7 frames" (steps) for aligning your mind to create what you want. Good stuff for you metaphysical types. (8,898 bytes)
The Six Rules
Six rules for living in "the next level" beyond the human level, transmitted by an entity in the beyond. (983 bytes)
Spirituality and Higher Consciousness
Outline of the Knowledge Circle presentation of 07/03/98 on the nature of spirituality and higher consciousness. (4,670 bytes)
Transcendental Interpretion of the Lord's Prayer
A high interpretation of the Lord's Prayer by Thane, who was an extraordinary teacher, much loved and respected founder of the "Fourth Way" school The Prosperos. (1,941 bytes)
The Twelve Pathways to Higher Consciousness
The twelve pathways or guidelines that form the core of the Living Love to higher consciousness developed by Ken Keyes, Jr. Also has summary of the seven centers of consciousness that regulate the modality of our awareness as explained in the Living Love system. (7,335 bytes)

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Recommended Videos

Constitution for the United States of America
We need constitutional restraints on government NOW more than ever. Read the Bill of Rights (first ten amendements) if nothing else. (48,160 bytes)
What you can do to protect your rights and keep police under control. It's your right to keep an eye on police and to hold them accountable for their abuses. Do not let the cops get away with any rights violations. (9,497 bytes)
Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)
Read it and see if you see any parallels with what the federal government has been turning into during the last few decades. (10,047 bytes)
Handbook for the New Paradigm, Volume 1
These messages telepathically received from an advanced Ultra-Dimensional race are a stimulating wake-up call to all ground crew seeking to create a brilliant future for humanity in contrast to the bleak road that certain domineering powers would lead humanity. Are you for "no more jails"? Essential reading for the thoughtful. (356,221 bytes)
Handbook for the New Paradigm, Volume 2 — Embracing the Rainbow
More information from the Ultra-Dimensionals for the Ground Team.
"Know Your Customer" FDIC Regulations Opposition Letter
Email or snail mail this letter to protect your privacy and freedom. (3,903 bytes)
Spiritual Sovereignty
Legal as well as spiritual concepts relating to waking up to our individual sovereignty: Privileges v. Rights, Civil Law v. Common Law, Victimhood and Self-Responsibility. Channeled by Lyssa Royal. (52,358 bytes)
The Story of the Buck Act
How the Feds created fictional States to "take over" the organic states of the union. Must reading if you want to wake-up and begin understanding the scope of the "deception" by means of the "art and cunning" of legal writing (symbolęgraphy) being perpetrated on Americans. "In order for you to understand the full import of what is happening, I must explain the laws to you...." (10,326 bytes)
What is a "U.S. citizen"?
How U.S. citizens don't have the rights of state Citizens. Learn to distinguish between "U.S. citizenship" and "state Citizenship". Key issue in deception by Federal bureaucracy. Important suppressed information for everyone. (3971 bytes)
Powerhouse U.S. Supreme Court Cases Seven landmark Supreme Court cases for protecting & asserting your unalienable Rights protected by the Constitution. All sovereignty law students better know these cases! (1,769 bytes)
Handling Your Employer's Request For Social Security Number
An EEOC ruling determined that contrary to commonplace misinformation no one can require you to provide a Social Security Number to work in America. (2,382 bytes)

HEALTH Archive
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Facts of Vegetarianism
Six short articles expressing considerations for adopting a vegetarian diet: 1) Are We Meat-Eaters By Nature?, 2) Health Aspects of Vegetarianism, 3) The Ethics of Vegetarianism, 4) Chemicals and Additives, 5) Vegetarian Diet Can Save You Money, 6) World Food Crisis. (65,353 bytes)
Health Benefits of Water
Drinking 8 glasses of water daily helps weight loss and general health -- a simple practice that can significantly improve your immediate and longterm health. (5,294 bytes)

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Forty-two Things That You Can Do to Make the Future Safe for Sex
This is an action list from Pat Califia's Public Sex -- The Culture of Radical Sex of what you can do to help diffuse the anti-sex hysteria evident in modern society, and that threatens the expression of our sexuality now and in the future. (7,286 bytes)

MONEY Archive
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Create the Gift Economy -- Free Yourself, Free the World
The Gift Economy means more than freeware and free MP3s. It means free everything! (3,849 bytes)
The Historical Fight for Honest Money in the U.S.
History & nature of Federal Reserve System as explained by Dr. Martin A. Larson who studies of the Federal Reserve System have been studied internationally. Critical suppressed information every non-robotized thinking individual should reflect on. (31,439 bytes)
Inside the Empire of Wealth
Purportedly this is a transcription of a verbal overview given by a scion of a wealthy family preparatory to his development as manager of the great wealth he will inherit. This information was provided him by counsellors to his father's financial empire in order to introduce him to the secret technologies of power hidden behind outer appearance. (32,269 bytes)
Learn the Bankers' Secret to Creating Wealth!
Here's the closely-guarded bank trade secret by which bankers trick the public the world over into debt. The banks do not want you to know this! The next step in evolving "the system" on this planet is for everyone to learn about this trick. Are you ready? (9,857 bytes)
one world. one people. one bank.
A cartoon by DOLEZAL that's worth at least 1000 words about the issue of the emerging global bank. Plenty to think about here... (1,369 bytes)
Pleiadian Equal-Value System of Economics
Very primitive as well as very advanced societies don't use money. Here's the seed idea for an equal-value system of economics that earthlings might hopefully evolve to, that would create a truly humane planetary ambiance for everyone. (6,674 bytes)
Prosperity Consciousness Meditation
A five-step online Prosperity Consciousness guided meditation to help upgrade one's actualization of prosperity. Has link at the end for INFODISK distributor opportunity. (4,887 bytes)
The Time for an Equal-Value Service Economy Is Now
— Moving Beyond Money with the Help of the Internet

In an Equal-Value Service Economy we can have everything free, do the work that is in our hearts without continually hustling ourselves in the job market and without compromising our personal freedom. We can begin shaping such an economy now. (19,920 bytes)
Maha Lakshmi — Goddess of Prosperity
A beautiful image of Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity. Seek her blessings! A very nice vibration.

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