Create the Gift Economy
Free Yourself, Free the World
by Vorpal Sol

Release 1.01

The Gift Economy means more than freeware and free MP3s.
It means free everything!

The human race may achieve great accomplishments including one day reaching the stars. But for it to truly evolve beyond its current level, it must move beyond its materialist orientation. It must wake-up from its obsession with money. Although money has been a tool for a phase of human development, it has also spawned problematic conditions that are keeping humanity in a stressful and slave-like state of existence. It is time to move beyond money. People are so hypnotized by money that they believe that there is no other way, or that it is the best way to conduct human endeavors. However, as we move toward the Age of Enlightenment, if that is our choice, an advanced yet simple form of economics will emerge. This form of economics will not be limited or controlled by money. This will be the Gift Economy, also known as the Equal-Value Service Economy.

In a Gift Economy there are no buying and selling, only giving and receiving. Everyone in a Gift Economy freely gives and receives their goods and services without exchange of money or considerations of barter. It is a service economy that applies the principles of Karma Yoga. If you need something you just go to whoever provides that, and they will give it to you without charge. And whenever someone comes to you for your services or goods, you simply give them your services or goods without charge. Everyone is encouraged to do the work that they love and to follow their inspiration to develop their talents to the highest degree. Money is not used to coerce anyone into work that they do not want to do. Everything is based on true intent, service and freedom. The time is ripe for a Gift Economy because communications technology such as the internet makes possible its worldwide creation.

A Gift Economy is inevitable as humanity wakes-up from materialism. The vibration on our planet will not really improve until humanity breaks the spell that money has had over it. The understanding and implementation of a Gift Economy are both simple and profound. What is important for everyone to do at this time is to spread the word about the concept of a Gift Economy. As enough people grasp the concept, it will manifest. is a website where you can begin to put the Gift Economy into practice. Just post your offers and requests of free products and services.

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