An Approach
to Enlightenment

Ultimate Horizon Insights is a direct here-now approach to Enlightenment. It is a special consultation-initiation which communicates key insights that facilitate Enlightenment understood as recognition of one's Transcendental Nature. General consensus is that this takes a long time. But can this occur quickly? Consider the following passages:

". . . Padma Sambhava prophesied that the Dharma — the Buddhist teachings and knowledge of enlightenment — would go to the West `when iron birds fly and horses have wheels.' It was also prophesied that, in this future time of stress and turmoil, people would no longer be able to pursue enlightenment by traditional means requiring long periods of withdrawal from the world. Instead, there would be created a method equal to the greater stress and accelerated pace of society, so that what had previously taken years of practice could be achieved much more quickly . . . ."

— William Warren Bartley, III, Werner Erhard, page 256

. . . There are Ways to Me that are short and direct; others long and painful. Is it not well to choose the shorter Route, rather than the Way that is long and weary? . . ."

— Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways Through to Space, page 82

So, how long will Enlightenment take?


  • a lifetime if you are attempting to realize Enlightenment via your various life experiences.

  • 2 to 10 years if you seriously contemplate the content-context of selected literature in the field of Transcendental Spirituality.

  • 1 to 2 years if you seriously study OM Aphorisms.
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  • 4 to 8 hours if you undergo the Ultimate Horizon Insights consultation.
Listed below are the various sections that make up Ultimate Horizons Insights:
  • The Immediacy of Our Transcendental Nature
  • Why Only a Few Are Enlightened
  • If You're Ready!
  • Games and Enlightenment
  • Enlightenment Syndrome
  • Identification-With
  • Enlightenment and Evolution
  • Distance Control
  • Enlightenment and Experience
  • Isn't That a Relief?!
  • Enlightenment Clearing
  • Thinking About Enlightenment
  • Ontological Simultaneity
  • Truth
  • Idea Release Process
  • Enlightened Personality Process
  • Stories
  • Positive Life Orientation
  • Your Heart's Desire
Each section conveys a concise liberating and surprising insight. Groking these insights opens up Super Space which is the expanded state of consciousness resulting from Enlightenment.

Transcendence is not something to be achieved. It is an aspect of our being that awaits our recognition. The discovery of our Transcendental Nature is a pearl of great value. Finding this pearl is both simple and elusive. Its recognition can occur in an instant, yet its appreciation, restorative and expansive effects are ours always. Ultimate Horizon Insights facilitate a quantum leap in being.

Ultimate Horizon Insights are designed to penetrate through the multi-facited layers of mind (illusion) to render our Transcendental Self as obvious as possible. The consultation-initiation occurs over a period of 4 to 8 hours, and currently Roland Campos, who originated Ultimate Horizon Insights in the late 1970s, offers one year of unlimited follow-up consultation as needed to all who receive these insights at this time. The Ultimate Horizons Insights consultation-initiation is accessible to all who desire it for a reasonable contribution. If you are interested, you can receive these special insights at this time. Expect lifelong benefit. Yes, this is different!

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